ZKTeco K50A Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control System in Bangladesh

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ZKTeco K50A

  • Price: 6,800
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Call: 0195-3330341
  • Elegant and modern design
  • 2.8-inch color TFT LCD screen.
  • TCP / IP interface and USB-Host port.
  • Includes lite software for assistance management.
  • The attendance report is exported in Excel format using a USB memory.
  • Equipped with backup battery power. Multiple languages.
  • Simple administration and scalability

ZKTeco K50A Time Attendance Access Control System price in Bangladesh

Digital access control systems are always helpful. And if you talk about ZKTeco K50A, there is no way you can dislike it. ZKTeco K50A has a number of great features in it’s cool system waiting to serve you. You can consider it like a robot. Once you install this in front of a door, anyone who wants to open the door will need to verify himself. If the person has no accessibility to that door, the door won’t open. And as the administration, you will define who will have the access and who not.

This small stylish security box also records time along with the person ID each time someone enters or exits through the door. Cool, right? We will talk more about it in this article and tell you how much ZKTeco K50A costs in Bangladesh.


What is ZKTeco K50A

ZKTeco K50A is a smart looking biometric fingerprint Time Attendance Access Control System. It is for managing and controlling access to a door. You can install it with an electric door lock and exit button. It also records time, biometric fingerprint, Id etc. You can access and manage these data effortlessly. You can get an authentic ZKTeco K50A in Bangladesh with a one year warranty.

Features and Benefits of ZKTeco K50A 

ZKTeco K50A is an amazing solution to digitally control the access to a door. It works with an updated fingerprint algorithm from ZKTeco which will provide proper security and access control. It can be connected to the electric door lock system as well as the exit button. It’s innovative biometric fingerprint system is able to verify fingerprints with great accuracy. It needs less than a second to detect and identify a fingerprint. 


Apart from fingerprint verification, it can also work with ID cards or 9 digit IDs. Or you can use both fingerprint or ID verification. It can work smoothly in any of these types. 


It has an elegant look and smart design. It runs on a stable ZKTeco firmware. It is reliable and suitable for offices from both hardware and software aspects. Surely it is one of the finest access control systems you can get in Bangladesh. 


When you will need to administer K50A, you can easily connect with it. It supports TCP/IP interface that will allow you to network through and access the data. Also, you can use it’s USB host to connect with it to your monitoring device manually.

You will find it’s friendly UI helping handy while you are managing assistance. ZKTeco K50A can store up to 80,000 event records, 3,000 fingerprint records or 1000 card records. As an administrator you can get the assistance record easily in excel format. So you won’t need to be a techie guy to understand them. 


There is a 2000mAh battery included in ZKteco K50 Time Attendance Access Control Device. This battery will supply power if there is an unexpected power cut occurs.

ZKTeco K50A in bd

Cons of ZKTeco K50A


Despites it’s wonderful service, ZKTeco K50A time attendance access control has some cons. It uses fingerprint, pin etc for verifying processes and for that everyone needs to touch it. That increases the risk of spreading Covid-19. 


To verify each person, it needs to have a database. If your company employee members often become changed, the database also needs to be updated that often. 


Though it has a high quality fingerprint sensor, yet there is about 1% possibility that fingerprint will mismatch. Also, some incidents might affect a person’s finger enough to make the fingerprint unrecognizable to this machine. For example- having a deep cut or bruise on the finger. 

ZKTeco K50A price in bd

ZKTeco K50A price in Bangladesh


You can buy authentic ZKTeco K50A time attendance access control in Bangladesh. You can get them from the market or any trusted e-commerce shop. The regular price of ZKTeco K50 in Bangladesh is 6,800 Taka. Be careful before buying any unauthentic product. Also, check the warranty before making a purchase. You should get a one year warranty with ZKTeco K50.

ZKTeco K50A price in Bangladesh

ZKTeco K50A in BD

K50A is an elegant and innovative IP biometric terminal designed to manage the employee assistance and control the access of a door. Supports the connection of an electric lock and exit button besides being Equipped with a backup battery to continue operating in the event of a cut unexpected energy.

It is possible to administer it by network through its TCP / IP interface and it has a USB port for the manual transfer of data or to export the report of assistance in Excel format. The K50 incorporates the fastest and most accurate fingerprint identification algorithm in ZKTeco, offering excellent performance, stability and reliability.

Technical Specification

  • Screen: 2.8 Inch TFT
  • Finger Print Capability: 3000
  • Card capacity: 1000
  • Event Capacity: 80,000
  • Communication: TCP / IP, USB-Host
  • Standard functions: Programmed Ring, SMS, Labor Code, Timetable
    Summer, SSR Report, Self-Service Search, Automatic Change of
    Status, T9 Input, 9 Digit ID, ID Card
  • Battery Backup: 2000 mAh
  • Power supply: 5V DC 1A
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ° ca 45 ° c
  • Operation Humidity: 20% – 80%
  • Dimensions: 185 x 140 x 30 mm
  • Warranty: One Year

ZKTeco K50A Price in BD

ZKTeco K50A Price in BD:

Price:৳ 6,800
Warranty:One Year
Status:In Stock
Contact No:0195-3330341


ZKTeco K50A price in Bangladesh ZKTeco K50A price in Bangladesh ZKTeco K50A price in Bangladesh ZKTeco K50A price in Bangladesh

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any maintenance cost? 


Generally, there is no maintenance cost of ZKTeco K50A. Once you install it, you won’t need to spend anymore. But remember to take proper care of it. Otherwise there might be any system failures that can cost you some bucks. 


What about security? 


You can be free of security concerns if you install this. It uses fingerprint verification which is more secure than ID card or password. Because fingerprints are very hard to fake or duplicate. 


What to do if my ZKTeco K50A has any system failure? 


If you have bought an authentic ZKTeco K50A, it is unusual that you get any system failure. Still, if you do, contact your seller. If the problem occurs before passing a year, there is a good chance to use the warranty. That’s why it’s important to buy from a trusted source that provides warranty.




As the technologies evolve day by day, various sectors of our lives become easier. Fingerprint time attendance access control can ease the process of attendance taking and access control. It is more reliable, cost effective and useful than recording traditionally on papers.

And since it is now available in Bangladesh, why get trouble with old fashioned paperwork? Make the smart move to get a ZKTeco K50A and make your office system smarter and easier.



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ZKTeco K50A Price in BD

ZKTeco K50A Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control System in Bangladesh

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