ZKTeco Fingerprint Attendance System

ZKTeco Fingerprint Attendance System

With one of the most accurate fingerprints and a responsive user interface, the ZK fingerprint scanning device is an excellent choice for many applications. More convenient than keys or cards, this product gives your staff quick access to their workplace without sacrificing security.

It’s fast – with less than 1.5 second accuracy, it won’t slow you down when entering or exiting your building in any situation. It’s durable – able to withstand continuous exposure to extreme temperatures as well as fluctuating electric fields from power lines and circuit boards nearby, it can uniquely adapt its ability to recognize a finger so that it will work even on some old models of computer systems that other devices may not be compatible with. It’s reliable: equipped with Ver 10 algorithm, our system

Never lose control of who’s coming through your door again with this easy and reliable fingerprint attendance system! Complete setup in just seconds and forget complicated codes or keypads. The ZK 10 Fingerprint Attendance System is able to scan an individual’s fingerprint in less than 1.5s, significantly shortening the security process. This means employees could walk up to their workstation at any time they want, such as on a break or after lunch break–with no worries about how they marked themselves absent from the office so it would make sense for them being present-and then have immediate access to everything that employee needs by scanning their fingerprint; you’re assured that if anything were attempted to happen while the individual was offsite, someone could

Make sure you’re on time all the time with this ZK fingerprint attendance system that provides high accuracy and allows for prompt entry into your building. This product can also be tied to an electric lock so that once you are accepted into the building, a notification is sent out letting people know of it. The small footprint makes it perfect for any size establishment!

ZKTeco Fingerprint Attendance System
ZKTeco Fingerprint Attendance System

ZKTeco F18 Access Control with Card & Finger Print

ZKTeco F18 Access Control with Card & Finger Print. Three different kinds of interface style, including common, matrix and magic styles. Reliable, durable and highly accurate ZK infrared detection fingerprint sensor with version 10.0 fingerprint algorithm. Stores 3000 fingerprint templates and 30000 transactions. Reads fingerprint and/or RFID cards.

The ZKTeco fingerprint attendance system consists of a biometric scanner, software and optional accessories (e.g. magnetic card reader). It is ideal for medium to large size organizations who have a need for high performance, flexible and reliable access control solution. Get free shipping today on orders over 10000 Taka

ZKTeco K40 Time & Attendance Terminal Machine

The K40 is a 2.8-inch TFT screen time attendance and simple access control terminal, it has interfaces for third party electric lock and exit button. TCP/IP, USB Host make data management extremely easy. Most importantly, the built-in backup battery can eliminate the trouble of power failure. With elegant appearance and reliable quality you can get

ZKTeco Fingerprint time attendance system consists of a terminal, reader and software. It is used for personnel identification by fingerprints. The terminal can be connected to access control devices as electric locks or exit buttons. Free 2 Day Shipping on Orders over 20000 Taka

Attendance Machine

TRIMATRIK, for more than a decade has been manufacturing and exporting high quality turnkey TPO (Thermo Plastic Olefins) based attendance machines. Our range includes fingerprint time attendance machine with USB & RS232C interface along with access control solution. Call us today at +88 01789-636363

Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal with Adapter

Trimatriks fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal is designed to be a biometric device. It has an in house 1D/2D scanner, which can work as a stand-alone unit or integrated into the existing network.

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