ZKTECO MultiBio700 Bangladesh

  • Elegant and ergonomic access control and time & attendance terminal
  • Incorporates high precision ZK Sensor for registering 10 fingerprints per user.
  • It can hold up to 3000 faces and 5000 fingerprint templates in 1:1 mode or 400 faces and 2000 fingerprint templates in 1:N mode.
  • It allows up to 20 verification methods, setting as default Face & fingerprint
  • Stores up to 100.000 log records without PC download.
  • Allows communication with PC through Ethernet, RS-232/485
  • Events management (doctor, personal issues, etc…)
  • Time zones, groups and holidays management for access control
  • 3’’ TFT touch screen
  • Includes 2 function keys for door bell and identification method
  • Integrated proximity reader EM 125KHz
  • Standard SDK

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