Archway Metal Detector Price in Bangladesh

Archway Metal Detector Price in Bangladesh


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MCD 300 Archway Gate:

·  Scanning ratio: More than 60 persons / per minute

·  Total size: 2230 mm (H) x 820 mm (W) x 630 mm (D)

·  Size of tunnel: 2000 mm (H) x 700 mm (W) x 560 mm (D)

·  Product weight: Approx. 65.5kg

·  Power requirement: 220V (AC), 50/60Hz

·  Working environment requirement: -10 ° to 45 ° Celsius


MCD 600 Archway Gate:

6 independent detection zones.,No blind area and each spot of search coverage are evenly detected, All weather water proof, Durable with Alloy & PVC Construction.   .LCD Screen Display with two version of Chinese and English menu. Easy to view and operation. Alarm : Audible tone , Bright LCD Visual alarm.  independent distributing search coverage and acousto-optic alarm when target is found. Panel indicator light directly displays the alarming area which can exactly indicate the target.  . High adjustable sensitivity digital scanner gate is adjustable. In the highest volume, articles as small as a coin can be detected and indicated. 100 sensitivity level Adjustable Flexibility: We can reach the security requirements by adjusting the flexibility. There are 100 flexibility degrees in each detective area. Complex circuit, infrared installation and computer automatic identification decrease the mistakes and missing dramatically. It can automatically show the alarm frequency and numbers of passed people. Adoption of weak magnetic field launching technology will not cause harm to heart pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, disks and videos.


Guard Spirit XYT2101-S Archway Gate

determine the exact metal and alloy material on people.  able to give sound and light warning. Ability to self-test feature. 12-zone Left – right distinction. LCD graphic display. Turkish menu. Remote-controlled. To show alarm zone on the human figure. 0 dead micro-processor control point. 6 separate screening area and to determine the different sensitivity for each zone. The alarm time and alarm volume can be adjusted. Multi-zone (multiple scan) A full-length metal objects to detect the exact position of the LED lights, LED display with graphics to measure metal concentrations. Green – To provide orderly transition through red traffic lights. The human body on the control panel of the chart to determine clearly the metal. Ability to view and display the number of the person who makes the alarm. Ability to prevent interference with password protection to the device by unauthorized persons. ayanalnarak frequency of multiple devices to work seamlessly together tumblers. Pregnant ladies, pacemakers, etc. magnetic card. absolutely no harm feature. Ergonomic design, easy installation and easy installation. 6 special sensitivity determined by world standards program. 24 hours of continuous operation. To ISO 9001 – ISO 1401 CE – EEC Directive 89/336 has the certificate. Electrical current: AC85V ~ 264V / 50-60HZ


Garrett PD6500i 33-Zone Walk Through Metal Detector Gate:

33-zone walk through metal detector gate has over 20 application programs included, up to 200 distinct sensitivity levels, 33 independent zones, LCD, alarm light, LED bar graph, control touch pads, three access levels of security clearance tamper-proof settings, zone sensitivity boost adjustable in six areas, self diagnostic program complete and automatic, 10-hour or 30-hour backup optional battery pack, passageway interior size 30″ x 80″ x 23″, overall exterior size 35″ x 87″ x 23″, shipping size 35.5″ x 91.5″ x 6.25″, shipping weight 74 kg, power fully automatic 100 to 240 VAC 50 or 60 hertz 45 watts. Made in USA.

Defense Plus DP-IIIC Bangladesh, Archway Gate Bangladesh, Walk Through Metal Detector

Technical Specifications:

– Electrical current: AC100V~240V 50/60Hz

– Power: 10W

– Work environment: -20oC~ + 45oC

– Gross Weight: 90kg

– Outer frame: 2220mm (h) x 820mm (w) X 522mm (d)

– Inner frame: 2000mm (h) X 700mm (w) X 522mm (d)

– Two LED light bars on both door panels: gives alarm

– Corresponding to the height or human body

– 6/12/18 Pinpoint zones to precisely identify multiple target locations from head to toe

– Advanced broadband detection technology: can detect ferrous and non-ferrous articles

– Sensitivity adjustable from Level 0 to 300

– High: Can detect a clip

– Low: Detect big metal articles such as: knife, gun, and copper, aluminums, zinc (more than 150g), ignoring metal in belt button, shoes

– Shock proof to avoid false alarm, Sound and light alarm

– Intelligent traffic and alarm counters that calculate traffic flow and resultant alarms.

– Tamper-Proof: operate program is protected by password

– Adjustable operating frequencies—eliminate the potential effects from X-ray units, radios and other electrical interference sources.

– Mix distance between two Walk-thru: 0.3 meters at low sensitivity 0.5 meters at high sensitivity

– Harmless to pregnant woman and heart pacemaker

– Remote control(optional)

– (Optional)Connect with computer, camera, turnstile, etc

Standards & Certificates:
– ISO9001 ISO14001 HSMS18001 CE
– Certificate from Ministry of Public Security Safety and Police Electronic Products Quality Inspection Center
– In accordance with: EN60950, WN50081-1, EN50082-1
– Electric safety: EN60950
– Anti-interference standard: EN50082-1

Defense Plus DP-IIIC Bangladesh

Defense Plus DP-IIIC Bangladesh

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