What is Zkteco Bangladesh?

Zkteco is one of the most familiar Access Control and Attendance Management System Device In Bangladesh. zkteco is famous for its strong security system. Its also popular for it’s quality. Because They never compromise with their quality.

It comes in Bangladesh in 1985 mostly known ZKsoftware that works for researching and developing on a biometric algorithm. Furthermore, in 2009 ZKtecho built-in a 50,000 square-meter because of improving their quality.

In 2013 ZKteco brings a revolutionary change of security world. They full-fill their goal to provide a security solution that paid of the
release of ZKAccess 6.0. Overall, from 1985 to 2020, ZKteco Bangladesh provides its service to its user with great satisfied without paying must cost.

For your assistance, they are most popular because of their CCTV, fingerprint, and some the biometric systems. Whatever today I am going to share you some major information about this technology giant. So, without delay,
let’s get started.


ZKteco iclock 9000g price in Bangladesh

ZKtecho iclock 9000g is a feature that comes with advance fingerprint recognition technology; it is able to fast verified the person. Besides, this unit has attendance terminal 6000 cards, 6000 fingerprint, and 200000 multiple records that comes with a different language. This technology contains multiple verifications such as card, fingerprint, password, and some other function.

The communication system of this unit using TCP/IP, GPRS, USB-host, Wi-Fi, and 3G that is awesome for great communication. The most
interesting thing is that it recognized the person less than 1 second. This compact included 26,00 mAh battery that backup you for standard service.

Here is the interface added for access control with third party electric lock, Alarm, Exit button, Work code, SSR with less than 1-second
verification speed 0-degrees C to 45-degrees operating temperature. The operating humidity of this compact is 20% to 80% that enough humidity as experts believe.

Noted, the price of this unit in Bangladesh is BDT 9,300tk.

ZKteco fr1200 price in bd

ZKteco fr1200 is a fingerprint reader with an RS485 communication interface that works with the biometrics access controller. This unit offers the function of capturing and transfer the fingerprint data to the control
panel. It’s IP65 rugged structure provides this component durability and useable with any kinds of the weather of outdoor home.

Whatever it recognizes the person less than 1 second and keeps the data safe. The measurement of this unit is 50 x 120 x 37.3 that does not take much space for installation.

Noted, the price of this component is BDT 8500 tk.

ZKteco iclock 3000 prices in Bangladesh

It is a fingerprint and attendance management system technology that comes with the new version. The update version reduces time recognization that means now it is more powerful to verify the person. However, this unit included a stunning GUI, rock-solid matching that helps to fast matching data.

Your user can easily manage their data by this iclock 3000 through RS232, TCP/IP, and the USB click. This compact has various types of USB flash desk SDK and ADMS. I impressed to see its data backup support because I never to worry lost my data. So, you will use it and keep your user data safe with this technology.

Don’t worry; this component offers you a 1-year warranty. So, without fear, you can use this unit with indoor or outdoor of the home.

Noted, the price of this unit is BDT 21,000tk.

ZKteco MB 200 Price in Bangladesh

Both fingerprint and face recognition systems are avail on this MB 200. Whatever it is a powerful machine capable of saving you and your users time. Moreover, it supports multiple verification function included face, fingerprint, password, card, that is combination allows to basic access control panel function.

Thus, user verification is performed for less than 1 second. Plus, the communication of this unit MB360 is by PC or USB interface—all of the function used for manual data transfer. In addition to that, it is ideal for any environment. I think it is one of the best technology for fingerprint and face verification or per recognize.

Noted, the price of this component is BDT 16,000.

ZKteco s1000 price in Bangladesh

ZKteco device is much familiar in bd. Whatever the s1000 model comes from ZKteco s1000. If you need a professional security and automation product that helps you attendance and easy access control system, surely you
will achieve this component. This device is capable of providing 20,000 fingerprint capacity and 40,000 capacity.

The operating temperature of this unit is 0 to 45-degrees C. The strong built-in quality and advance technology made this unit for any
environment outdoor. Moreover, the battery backup is 2000 mAh which is enough but optional. Overall, it is supported Wi-Fi, GPRS, TCP/IP, and 3G that is a complete function of the updated world.

Noted, the price of this unit is BDT 11000tk-14000tk.

ZKteco sc405 price in bd

SC405 is a FIRD access control technology that helps your user data safe on the database. However, it has a 2.0-inch colour display with UI
design. Whatever this unit allows you to use it with fingerprint, password, card, with the high-level operating system. The most important thing is that you can install this component with any kinds of weather.

Noted, the price of this unit is BDT 7000tk.


Q: Can we integrate ZKteco 

MB 200 fingerprint or attendance system on my office?

A: Yes, you can integrate it on your office. But you may remember that your members are under 20000. If you have more member, you will contact the product holder.

Q: What ZKteco devices are compatible with custom API?

A: ZKteco is a popular brand, and they provide some device custom API facilities. However, from uFace402, D2S, SFace9090, and some other models get the service

The Security system of zteco based on fingerprint , CCTV security systems and biometrics recognition.

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