• ZKTeco UHF1-5E Long Distance Card Reader

    ZKTeco UHF1-5E Long Distance Card Reader

    ZKTeco UHF 5 series and UHF 10 series readers are a new generation of UHF RFID series products for our company’s independent research and development of the long-distance card reader system in the personnel management, goods management, and vehicle management.

    The product uses the industry’s most cost-effective UHF card reader chip, and the part of the swing card adopts the module integrated design, making the product meet the technical requirements of the parking lot. Meanwhile, the utility model has the advantages of stable reading performance, good consistency, low working current and temperature, long service life, and small external influence, and the product adopts the waterproof outer shell design.

    The product is also fully meet the CE, FCC technology requirements of the product, and to obtain CE, FCC and other security certification.

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