• ZKTeco iClock990 Fingerprint Attendance & ACtrl (50,000 Finger + 8,00,000 Log)

    • Finger Capacity: 50,000 & Log Capacity: 8,00,000
    • Intuitive and stunning UI designed with the most popular and internationalized factor.
    • Interface operation adopts modularized hierarchical design. Simpler, better and more logical.
    • Faster matching speed: less than 0.5 second.
    • Easy to extend functions and customize customer’s demand.
    • Support user validity settings.
    • Support data backup and retrieve
    • Support advanced Workcode consisted of letters and numbers.
    • Support chip encryption for firmware protection.
    • Support more flexible menu configuration: double line text display.
    • Support external printer for attendance records output (Optional)
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