• zkteco uFace602 Bangladesh, ZKTeco Bangladesh, Trimatrikbd

    ZKTeco uFace602 Facial Multi-Biometric tTime & Attendance and Access Control Terminal

    • Face capacity: 3000
    • Fingerprint capacity: 4000
    • ID Card capacity: 10,000
    • Transaction Storage: 100,000
    • CPU: 1.0GHz
    • Communication: TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host
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  • ZKTeco PA10 Bangladesh, ZKTeco Bangladesh, ZKTeco BD

    ZKTeco PA10 Hybrid Biometrics Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal


    • Optional PoE and Wi-fi Function

    • Fingerprint and Palm Hybrid biometrics

    • Multiple Verification Modes: Multi-verification methods (card is optional) providing user various choices

    • Full Access Control Features: Anti-passback, access control interface for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm and doorbell

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  • ZKTeco UA760 Biometric Time & Attendance Terminal

    UA760 is a 2.8 inches color screen biometric terminal for Time & Attendance, and Access Control (primary) applications. It adopts BioID fingerprint collector for excellent recognition and internal WiFi for convenient communication. Users can manage data via TCP/IP, WiFi, and USB host port for data up/download to avoid the risk of accidental deletion. Besides, optional WDMS can achieve remote data management with our ZKTime.Net 3.0.

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  • ZKTeco SC105 Color TFT & Graphical UI RFID Access Control Terminal

    • 2.0-inch color display with graphical UI for easy operation

    • Up to 24 user-defined schedules that can be activated on a daily bell alert

    • Prompt audio acceptance or rejection signals for valid or invalid cards

    • TCP/IP or RS485 communication for various networking environments

    • Supports USB flash drive for offline data management

    • Built-in auxiliary input with enhanced flexibility to link with wired detector or emergency switch

    • Multi-verification methods to enhance security level

    • Standard access control features such as Time zone, Holiday, A&C Group, Unlock combination etc.

    • Duress Alarm offers effective protection against duress by threats

    • Tamper Proof Switch and multiple alarm outputs

    • Multi-languages


    ৳ 7,500.00
  • ZKTeco MultiBio700 Multi-biometric Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal

    Fast and Accurate Fingerprint and Facial Identification Algorithm

    1 stand or 1 touch a second user recognition. Stores 1500 faces and 2000 fingerprint templates

    Multiple Verification Modes

    20 verification modes are available to improve security level. Default verification modes are Fingerprint only, Face only or RFID only. Other 19 modes are available.


    Easy Installation and Connectivity

    Wiegand input & output.

    Network interface by TCP/IP or RS485

    Full Access Control Features


    Access control interface for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm and doorbell


    Good Performance in Dark Environment

    Infra-red optical system enables machine to work well at night.

    ৳ 21,000.00
  • ZKTeco iClock700 Fingerprint Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal

    Remarkable User Experience

    • Intuitive and stunning UI designed with the most popular and internationalized element.

    • Interface operation adopts modularized hierarchical design. Simpler, Better and More logical.

    • Faster matching speed: Less than 1 second.

    Enhanced Features and Performance

    • Multi-languages

    • Data backup and retrieve.

    • Advanced User ID consisting of letters and numbers.

    • Chip encryption for firmware protection.

    Excellent Expandability

    • Easy to extend functions and customize customers’ requirements.

    Access Control Interface

    • For Wiegand in and out, door lock connection, alarm and bell.

    ৳ 21,000.00
  • ZKTeco iClock680 Bangladesh, ZKTECO iClock680 price in Bangladesh

    ZKTeco iClock680 Fingerprint Time Attendance and Access Control

    ZKTeco iClock680 Bangladesh

    Remarkable User Experience

    • Intuitive and stunning UI designed with the most popular and internationalized factor.
    • Interface operation adopts modularized hierarchical design. Simpler, Better and More logical.
    • Faster matching speed: Less than 1 second.

    Enhanced Features and Performance

    • User validity settings.
    • Data backup and retreival.
    • Advanced User ID consisted of letters and numbers.

    • Chip encryption for firmware protection.
    • More flexible menu configuration: double line text display.
    • External printer for attendance records output (Optional).
    • Optional integrated Wi-FiGPRS.
    • Relay contacts for alarm, bell, lock, exit, switch, etc.

    Excellent Expandability

    • Easy to extend functions and customize customers demand.

    Access Control Interfaces

     • For Wiegand-in, Wiegand-out, door lock connection, alarm, and bell.

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  • ZKTeco ProRF-T

    ProRF-T is an RFID access control terminal incorporated with 2.4 inches TFT LCD Screen .The color display and new firmware structure offer a user-friendly menu for easy management, as well as photo taking capability that enables attendance photos and photo ID (optional). The new ZMM 220 hardware platform has a clock rate of 1.2 GHZ, greatly enhancing the speed verification. Touch keypad enables easy and convenient operations, such as managing users, accessing control parameter settings, or reading reports.

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    ZKTeco ProRF-T

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  • ZKTeco G1 (Green Label) Fingerprint Attendance Terminal

    G1 is a revolutionary fingerprint time attendance device which incorporates the latest ZKTeco technology with completely new design. Enjoy excellent new features including Silk ID fingerprint sensor, new hardware platform, expanded fingerprint storage capacity, and more efficient and accurate verification. Infrared technology enables detection and provide higher energy efficiency.

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  • ZKTeco G2 (Green Label) Multi-Biometric Attendance Terminal

    G2 fingerprint identification terminal features ZKTeco’s innovative Silk ID fingerprint sensor. With 3D Neuron Fingerprint Verification Sensor-Activation and Anti-Interference technology, it precisely detects dry, wet, and rough fingerprints, and operates well under strong sunlight environment. With the latest core-board, the fingerprint capacity is enlarged to 20,000.

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  • ZKTeco G3 (Green Label) Multi-Biometric Facial Recognition Attendance Terminal

    G3 is a multi-biometric identification terminal which features ZKTeco’s innovation Silk ID fingerprint sensor technology. With the world’s cutting-edge 3D Neuron Fingerprint Algorithm, it precisely authenticates dry, wet, or rough fingerprints efficiently and accurately. Infrared technology enables the device to function automatically when fingerprints are detected. With the latest facial algorithm, it supports fake face detection.

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  • ZKTeco D1

    ZKTeco D1 Time Attendance Terminal

    D1 Tabletop Terminal is specially designed for table or counter use (80-140cm). With fingerprint sensor placed on top of terminal, it enables all-directional fingerprint reading for the convenience of attendance. BioID high sensitivity fingerprint sensor provides faster and more accurate fingerprint verification. With built-in detachable battery lasting for up to 8 hours, and micro-USB power supply for power bank (minimum 2A) connection, there are no more worries for lacking power sockets supply.

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ZKTeco Shop Bangladesh

In 1985, ZKTeco (previously ‘ZKSoftware’) began research and development on a revolutionary biometric algorithm; this led to the release of our industry-leading fingerprint and face recognition algorithm. For nearly three decades since, we’ve worked to share this highly developed biometric technology to benefit others. Based on our initial breakthrough technology, additional ZK innovations created the world’s first multi-biometric device, standalone fingerprint access control, and biometric access control panel. We are proud that these industry-changing products and solutions have defined the growth of the biometric industry.
In 2009, ZKTeco built a 50,000-square-meter ISO900-certified industrial park. The facility enables us to control quality, R&D, product design, manufacturing, component assembly and shipping all under one roof. After this, ZKTeco rapidly expanded our workforce and global locations to meet unprecedented customer demand, while extending our product lines from time & attendance, and access control solutions to fingerprint lock (2008) and surveillance systems (2010).
In 2013, our goal of providing total security solutions paid off in the release of ZKAccess 6.0. This complete security solution provides time & attendance, patrolling, visitor management, car parking, elevator control, access control, video surveillance and intelligent lock management functions.
Today, ZK’s service and sales network consists of branches/offices and partners worldwide. More than 220 million people use ZKTeco products in approximately 180 countries/regions every day. ZKTeco has become a well-recognized, respected and sought after brand in the security and biometric industries. ZKTeco Shop Bangladesh

ZKTeco’s success is built upon loyalty and relationships. We value every customer. Our motto – “Responsibility, Integrity, Innovation, and Excellence” is evident in everything we do. ZKTeco continuously explores ways to improve our products and solutions to help businesses operate more efficiently and securely, and to make our planet safer and better for everyone.

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