• ZKTeco iClock4000-G (GPRS) Time Attendance Machine

    ZKTeco iClock4000-G (GPRS) Time Attendance Machine

    ZKTeco iClock4000-G is an innovative product featured with ZK advanced fingerprint recognition technologies. It supports multiple verification methods including fingerprint, card, password, combinations between them and basic access control functions. User verification is performed in less than 1 second, which streamlines the process of access. The communication between the iClock4000G and PC is by TCP / IP or USB interface for manual data transfer. Its sleek design its perfectly in any environment.


    Fingerprints: 3,000/6,000 (Optional), Cards: 3,000/6,000 (Optional) and 200,000 Records.
    Communication: TCP / IP, USB-Host, GPRS, Wi-Fi (Optional), 3G (Optional) High verication speed.
    Professional firmware and platform make it more flexible.
    Intuitive and stunning UI design.
    2,600 mAh Backup Battery.

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